McLaren finance a New Department

McLaren Finance a New Department

When you think of McLaren naturally what springs to mind is the glamorous world of F1 sport with characters such as Nico Rosberg and Jenson Button tearing around the Grand Prix tracks of Abu Dhabi, Japan and even Monnaco. However McLaren are not happy with just hold that image in our thoughts and they are indeed branching out. They have launched their first ever financial services department. What does this mean? It means that the purchasing of McLaren supercars is now not limited to the wealthy upper classes but the market is now within the reach of the general sports and classic car enthusiasts.

McLaren finance

McLaren finance haven’t stopped there either because they have set up their first purchase program with their latest 570 Coupe which is now available for as little as £995 per month. However don’t forget you will need an additional 40 grand deposit and there will be a final payment of just £90,000 to consider.

Is McLaren Finance worth it?

So you may ask how much is this McLaren really going to add up to. Well it is actually priced up at £144,000 but with a McLaren Finance package with just under 8% interest you will find that a 36 month contract you will end up paying £166,000. I have to say the Apr rate under 8% is really competitive when you look at other financial deals. Not a bad little earner for McLaren Finance you may say. However they have partnered up with a finance company so they don’t really make a £20,000 clean up on your purchase.

McLaren have made a few rules though and these include an annual mileage of not more that 10,000 miles which on the whole is not that bad as you would really be driving a McLaren 570 that many miles. However just in case you should you decide to do route 66 with your McLaren then you need to be aware that they will charge you 55p per mile for the first 5,000 miles over the 10,000 and a whopping £1.10 after that. If you add it all up you could end up paying over £5,000 for the 7,000 extra miles and that’s before you’ve put in the fuel.

If you are interested in this new deal then you will find out all you need to know from one of the UKs 5 McLaren dealers.