Buying Motor Insurance from Mercedes Finance

Buying Motor Insurance from Mercedes Finance

If you’ve bought a fantastic car like a Mercedes then you need to make sure that you have a superb insurance deal which covers you for anything that can go wrong and leave you out of pocket. Mercedes offers amazing cover as a standard deal so you don’t have to look far. Mercedes insurance is recognised by Defaqto the motor insurance watch dog and has been given 5 stars in recent ratings which is the top in the class.

Mercedes Finance

What I also liked was that you get everything in the policy that you need as a Mercedes owner they have actually covered all bases. What you will find if you have purchased a new Mercedes car with one of Mercedes Finance deals that are available then you will need to take out fully comprehensive motor insurance cover for the whole of the time you are in the finance deal. Now this is a bit of a no brainer as, I ask myself, who really buys a Mercedes and only takes out Third Party Fire and Theft insurance?

What’s good about Mercedes Finance Insurance Cover

To be honest much of the cover is what you would find available with any good Motor Insurance provider. For example they include the standard all day every day UK accident recovery which will take you to the nearest dealer to you at the current time. No claims bonus can be covered so that you don’t lose it if you are involved in an accident. There is also a standard cover if you are visiting Europe and this gives you 180 days of cover which is really generous.

However for me, it was the little things that were the biggest pull with Mercedes finance, like the guarantee that should you be involved in an accident then all your car repairs will be carried out by Mercedes and using all authentic Mercedes top quality parts. Moreover, I was astonished to find that the in-car audio equipment had unlimited cover as long as it had been fitted at production or at a dealer. This is very generous as the Mercedes has superb quality in car entertainment which is worth a bit.